What is SizeGenetics?

Let’s be honest. Every guy on the face of the planet, or at least 98% of guys on the face of this planet wouldn’t mind gaining a few inches in the penis department. We may pretend that we do not care and that we are perfectly satisfied with the size of our organ, but the simple fact is that the vast majority of us would love to have a few more inches, or at least an inch down there where it matters.

What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a medical device that is used for enlarging the penis. It consists of a ring that is put on the glans of the penis, a base that is put in place by a comfortable belt and two rods that go from the ring to the base and that apply traction. This is the keyword when SizeGenetics is in question- traction. Namely, it has been scientifically proven that the only safe and efficient way to increase the size of the penis is through extensive stretching.

Why do you need it?

Women may claim that they do not care about the size of the penis, but we all know that they are only telling this to make us feel better. There is not a woman that is not more aroused when she sees a bigger penis. It is a simple animal response and it is perfectly natural. Luckily for us, there is now a product that can actually give us that inch or two and that can definitely increase the size of our penis. This product is called SizeGenetics.

How does it work?

With stretching, the cells in the penile tissue are extended and there are little empty spaces being created due o stretching. New tissue is then formed to fill out these empty spaces and this results in an increase in size. Traction that is applied by SizeGenetics is in fact constant stretching. By wearing SizeGenetics for at least 6 hours over the course of a month or two, you can gain more than an inch in size, with even more size being gained the longer you use the device.

Is it Safe?!

If you are worrying about the safety issues, you do not have to. Namely, SizeGenetics has been approved by the health authorities in the European Union, the European analogue of FDA and they have found SizeGenetics to be perfectly safe for use by anyone. The best thing about it is that it is incredibly comfortable, allowing you to wear it for extended periods of time. You can even wear it under clothes, which will enable you to wear it to work and achieve results while you are working.

What about Pills or Surgery?

You can forget different pills that simply cannot give you size or the surgery that is simply too risky and unsafe. The only way to efficiently and safely increase the size of your penis and to become the man you always knew you were is to use SizeGenetics, the ultimate solution for enlarging the penis.

Was last modified 13 May 2017 by Alen