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SizeGentics before and after – What Are The Results After 1 Month?

If you are going to use Size Genetics, this is my advice you to: measure your penis first and take pictures. Since extenders give gradual results, you may not realize that your p is growing unless you document its initial size. Read on to see my sizegeneteics before and after results.

After using Size Genetics for 1 month, I didn’t really see any noticeable size difference. The only thing I did notice was that the slight curvature in my p was almost completely gone. You can imagine my disappointment that I didn’t have a massively bigger p, especially since I had been so diligent about using the Size Genetics device every day. Then, I got out my tape measure to be sure. I was really surprised to see that my dick was actually a little more than .5 inches longer (it grew by 9/16”)!

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When your dong  is growing so gradually over an extended period of time, you won’t be able to see any sort of difference. Since the increases happen on a daily basis, you probably wouldn’t ever be able to tell that your pe is bigger without measurements – unless you have an estranged girlfriend who suddenly shows up and goes, Wow!

The measurement system if really important to keep you motivated for penis enlargement. Once I saw that .5 inch of growth, I got even more excited about using Size Genetics and even increased the amount of time I wore the device every day so I could get more results faster.

SizeGenetics before and afterThe package

Obviously, there are some limits to how big you can stretch your dong with an extension device. It is just like body building – even if you do lifts every single day, all day long, your biceps will never be larger than your torso. Your body self-regulates growth proportionally. According to all that I’ve read about Size Genetics and user results, you will need to keep on using the extension device for 6 months to get maximum results. After 6 months, you can keep on using the P extender but you aren’t going to get results like during the first few months.

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After 5 months of using Size Genetics extender, my p grew a total of 2 3/16 inches and gained 1.5 inches in girth. That takes me up to almost 7 inches long and 5.5 inches around. I experienced the most growth during month 2 but that was also the month where I was most devoted to using Size Genetics. After month 2, I was so happy with the peni growth results that any more just seemed like an unnecessary bonus. During month 5, I only gained about ¼ inch in length. I’m still going to continue for one more month but I don’t feel like I have to anymore because I’m very happy with 7 inches.

My size genetics before and after advice:

My advice to anyone who wants to get a bigger penis is to be patient. You aren’t going to get results overnight but they do occur gradually. Just make a measurement chart and take some pictures. When you can see the results in numbers and image, then it is easy to stay motivated for the patience it takes to enlarge your pen1s.

Do you need to increase your Penis size?

So how did guys end up with such distorted ideas about what is “big.”  First off, most guys only see other guys’ penises when they are flaccid, such as in the locker room.  But erect p size is the only size that actually matters for sex.  All the studies show that guys with large flaccid pen1ses usually don’t grow that much when erect but small enises grow substantially when they become hard.
How to Measure Your Penis

Your penis should be erect before you measure it.  Always use a tape measure and not a regular ruler.  Put the tape measure at the base of your .  Always measure your from the top NOT the underside.  To measure your circumference, you should measure around the middle of the shaft area. Make sure to do this before and after you do the training. Only way to get real sizegenetic before and after sizes.
Do Women Want a Big Penis?

This is a big question for guys interested in penis enlargement.  After all, you aren’t going to enlarge your peni just for the fun of it!  If you ask a woman, it will be hard to get a straight answer about pen1s size.  However, there have been several studies about what women think of pnis size.  Overall, women prefer peni girth over peni length.  Some studies have shown that a wide p enis can provide more clitoral stimulation.
Only Small Men Use Pen is Extenders

Almost all guys have thought of using peni s extenders at some point.  Even if you read the Size Genetics testimonials, most of the guys were of average size before they started p enis extension.  Pe nis size has been a concern of men for centuries and it is nothing new for men to want to get a bigger pens.  However, this is the first time in history that penis extenders like Size Genetics are available and proven safe and effective.  It definitely beats the system of tying rocks to your pe nis to stretch it out like some tribes did!
What About Other Methods of Penis Enlargement?

It is hard not to get caught up in all the methods of pnis enlargement out there.  If you are just looking for temporary pen1s enlargement, then p3nis pumps and p3nis pills can be good solutions.  However, peni pumps aren’t always the most practical solution – especially if you aren’t in a long-term relationship because it’s embarrassing to go pump before jumping into bed.  P pills can be expensive on the long run.  A good dick extender like Size Genetics is pretty much the only option for permanent peni enlargement unless you are prepared to get invasive penile enlargement surgery.  P extenders have been successful for tens of thousands of men so we may soon need to readjust what we consider “average” dong size!

Thanks for reading my before and after review!


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